Been a while;

4 06 2011

I know I know, it has been quite a while since I last updated everyone. So, as it stands we have moved. That’s right we are back in Mississauga. & the funny thing is, I actually like it here.

What else has gone on this past month?

Well for starters, I figured with the new place and all the great things that are happening, its time for a hair cut. So I did it. Trust me it’s not short, I got almost all my split ends off so its below my shoulders. : ) I have made some pretty cool friends and been spending a lot of time outside resulting in a nice tan. But all in all nothing major has gone on so I don;t have much to say. Until we meet again.


hugs and kisses


here we go;

25 04 2011

Only one week until we head out of this place and into our new one. Most of the stuff has been packed, but today we cleaned out the old desk that was used when I still lived at home, and of course what do we come across? TONS of old photos and letters between my friends and me throughout highschool. I could not believe some of them, the hairstyles, the fashion, everything about them was different, but a nice different. It brought back memories, so many good ones and a few bad ones. I am looking forward to making my collages for my new bedroom walls. : )

On another note, I have also been listening to some super old music. You know the kind I mean. The stuff from when we were getting ready to start highschool, our first highschool party…those songs. Currently I have Natalie Imbruglia (“Torn”) playing. Such a good song. Not in reference to that particular song, but have you ever listened to a song or a few songs and said to yourself “This was written about me!” I think we all have, well at least I know I have.  So what are the songs that you swear were written for you? I will tell you mine if you tell me yours. ha ha.

Things are changing. And for sure, they are changing for the better. I can’t believe what it has taken for me to realize that I am important and I do deserve to be happy. I have made a ton of new friends, but of course the besties are always besties and I have been so happy with the decisions I have been making. I am bettering not only my life but my daughters. And she really deserves the best in this corrupt world we live in now. 

“If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we’re all okay and not to worry because worry is wasteful” – Jewel.

much love,

until tomorrow…or the next day…or well, whenever i get back on here. : ) take care & always brush your hair!

it’s just the way things happen;

21 04 2011

“teenage dream” katy perry


Summer is just around the corner. I can feel it in my blood. I know that most of you know how much I like being tanned (but not to the point where I will fake bake) so I have decided that this summer, I will get the darkest I have ever been. haha really.

Booty shorts, tank tops, long lazy days at the beach, the cottage, bon fires, roadtrips… it’s all starting to get planned. I have also been thinking about ditching makeup. I know, weird for me to actually think about too, but it’s not really like I wear much anyways so what is the point of waisting my time and money on mascara and eyeliner? Exactly.  & as most of you know I was going to do dreads, I still want to but right now I am thinking I need a hair cut. Maybe shoulder length…ahhhh i really don’t think I can do it. I love the long hair.

Okay okay enough of this blog, it really is pointless. BTW I went to this super cute little cafe place today. 🙂

put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls

19 04 2011

I had a really nice conversation with a certain someone last night, and I was reassured that god is watching over me. And I know for most of you that means absolutly nothing, but when someone knows your hurting and they offer their shoulder to cry on, it makes you really see that people do care about you. I mean, I know my family cares but for someone that isn’t a part of my family to actually be there for me, makes me smile. I have always wondered about god. I know it sounds lame but even though I have never been this religous person it makes me realize why people have so much faith. Who knows, maybe this is a new chapter in my life. 🙂

 [The Band Perry] ; “If I Die Young”

The girl next door.

2 04 2011

Most of us are pretty good at pretending who we are. Me? Not so much anymore. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t make your life any easier or any better to pretend to be something you’re not, or someone you’re not. Let’s get everything straightened out right now for those of you who think they know me, because you might be surprised to learn a few things. To a few of you, this is useless to read because you are the ones that almost know me better than I know myself, and for that I love you.

I prefer country music to almost anything for any situation, I would choose to wear sneakers, a t-shirt and ripped jeans over a mini dress and heels any day, I enjoy watching the news and 20/20 and I usually wont go out without straightening my hair as I hate the way it does its wavy thing.  I actually want to get married one day, but I don’t want a totally traditional wedding. I have read almost every book I own and then some (and i have quite a collection). I have made some big mistakes with my parents and grandparents and I regret it everyday, they are always there for me. If I could I would want to live somewhere out of the city, even though my whole heart is held with Toronto, the fresh air and openness of the country makes my life so much simpler.

I am just the girl next door. The one kicking the coke machine, the one reading on the train, the one that offers her seat to elderly people. I am just me.

upside down cake.

14 03 2011

this is going to have nothing to actually do with an upside down cake, but as i am sitting here with my mom and laughing about the most usless things, upside down cake got into it. she keeps asking me who i am sending an email too? and apparently i have no idea.

this weekend was pretty eventful, I had not been to Niagra falls since I was a kid, so when we were planning to do something this weekend to give my brother some much needed alone time, we had discussed Niagra. so after much research we found a hotel that wasnt going to cost an arm and a leg. Although it was not in the perfect spot it was close enough to everything we wanted to do. Miss Lily and I shared an awesome King Suite, she could flip around in her sleep and not even come close to me to pushing me out of the bed. Saturday night was kind of crappy, weather wise of course, it was raining. But we went to a really cute little family place for dinner, after taking some time to enjoy the arcade. We played all kinds of games and Lily got tons of prizes with her hard earned tickets. We had planned on going on the skywheel but it was kind of late and they wanted quite a bit, so we decided after dinner to head back to the hotel. But of course before that could happen I needed to buy stuff, so Lily and I went off to the store. She got the cutest fleece sweater and a candy shishkabob.

Once we got back to the hotel it was time to relax, so I put on a movie and layed down with the munchkin. She went to sleep pretty quick, she had so much fun. I hit the bed pretty early aswell, at just after 10 it was time for lights out.

Bright and early we got up and started our day. Packed our stuff and headed over to Nanny and Grandpa’s room to bug them. After everything was loaded in the car, we had to find a place to grab some breakfast. So because my parents have been to the falls many times, they knew the perfect place. Basilles. two words for you… BIG EATS. seriously, for $7 I got 4 huge pancakes and about 1lb of bacon. and coffee of course. After we ate we decided seeing as it wasn’t raining anymore, we should hit the town.

Lily went to play in this playland thing, she loved the balls. I think that may have been her favorite next to the slides. And then we headed into the fun house, where she wanted to run like crazy through the dark and the punching bags. She had a blast. I am so happy I was able to take her, and I know we will have to go again, because there is so much we were not able to do in such a little amount of time. BUT we did do a few other things, we went to the hersey factory, saw the falls, got some clothing and enjoyed the sights. We did a lot of walking, well not really that much but we were all pretty tired. On the ride home I passed out, and of course I was the only one.

All in all it was an amazing trip and we are def. going to do it again soon. Let’s just get closer to clifton hills and hope that the weather is nicer out. So much more to do, and so many more things to see. : )

Maybe next time, we will see the fireworks. & of course go to marineland. Wow, I am super excited to do this again. And it would have to be a full weekend, you can’t go for just one night.


27 02 2011

So, for the first time in my life I had a Shawarma. And was I ever amazed. It was delish. So if you are ever down in the Parkdale area, you must make a stop at Ali Baba’s. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

I almost forgot what its like to take a streetcar, which in my opinion is sad. I still can not get over the fact that the TTC no longer uses tickets, but now its all about tokens. Why? Back to the streetcar. I just love riding through this wonderful city and seeing all the amazing things it has to offer. And the people make me feel so at home. haha weird I know.

I’ve missed this city and the people in it for some time, I am glad to be back and to be able to show my little one what this wonderful city has to offer her.

To those of you who don’t live in this city, you really should. And to those of you who want to come visit, let me know. I can give you a heads up to all the best places to stay,eat and places to hangout.

All my love.

“take care, brush your hair”